Video Games are a part of gamer’s culture for which many of us belonged, or still am. Because entertaining and engaging Games – are everywhere. In our PCs, Consoles or Mobile devices. And when they are being released so often – it becomes hard not only to choose from so many of them, but also for the wallet to handle all the expenses.


What to do?

Of course there always is possibility of the piracy. But… This option brings new struggles, like bugs, unplayable sections and crashes, not to mention “gifts”, left by developers themselves. And besides the Games costs money and time to be developed. So if the Game is really great and you like it, why not to buy it?


Where to buy?


Good question. Let’s look at few opportunities where to find suitable discounted Games, or otherwise Cheap Games. Always check Steam market place, it’s the biggest and well known place to find PC Games at a good price. Just type wanted title into the search field and take a look if the Game is discounted or not. If not, don’t forget to press “Add to your wishlist” button, so Steam would send an email when that Game is discounted and it’s possible to buy it at a lower price.


After that, time to go to Humble Bundle website, which is really interesting one. In there you can find Cheap Games (also bundles) and at the same time help charity organizations. If that isn’t enough just go over to the Monthly section, where sits coolest Games of that month. Having monthly subscription not only gives bunch of really great Games, but further more gives minus 10% of the Video Game purchases (works with discounted too). True bargain!


Another great place to be looking for Cheap Games and different deals is Green Man Gaming. Somewhat similar to other PC distribution services. Difference is that VIP users gets higher discounts, to get them – is easy, you just need to Register and Sigh up and here you go. Simple.



Fanatical Games


Want to get more Games than one? Go to Fanatical and take bundle of your choice. Want to pick your own bundle? No problem, you can do that too. Alongside you also will find regular Cheap deals to look at. Don’t forget to Register because you going to get special offers through email. Together with discount code attached to it, after at least one purchase.

Voidu-logoFairly new Video Games marketplace which offers quite insane discounts for a lot of digital products. Always visit Voidu to see if particular PC Game has its price lowered or not. If the answer is YES, then serch for an extra Discount voucher (in some instances – up to 25% off), Voidu sure has it. So you will save even more on top of already smaller price!


2Game – digital Games distribution site, great for searching for Discounts. Especially if you are looking to grab an upcoming Video Game, so called a Pre-order. Of course you shouldn’t buy a Game before reviews are released but if you want that, 2Game has you covered. Also be sure to apply 10% Discount code: “HAPPY2GAME” at the checkout. It’s not as big as Voidu‘s but better then nothing, right?


GamersGate Video Games


GamersGate is another digital distribution platform for PC Games, offering Discounts for older classic Games ant newer titles alike. This website has a lot of Deals from different publishers, practicly everytime. Be sure to visit, when you have the chance!


 As the name applies, this platform focuses on indie Games, but doesn’t forget to mix and match with bigger budget products. Not to mention Bundles. It gets even better, Indie Gala occasionally gives out an additional Free Video Game, during Sales! How this works is, you buy something and also receive scrachable secret Gift. And you can participate in Giveaways for the chance to win some Free Games too, from time to time.



Yet another market place for Gaming enthusiasts. Instant Gaming is fairly unknown marketplace, but thousands of users states this site is excellent. This isn’t surprising when Instant Gaming offer such amazing prices for old and new Video Games.

HRK Games

HRK – interesting place to visit, if you are really low on cash. Game prices – cheap and accessible for everyone, even picky players will find something. It is possible to get Free Games, while buying certain Games. And spend sum will be converted into gems, which can be allocated into buying new Games.


Buying or selling?Cheap-Games-G2A

Really popular market place, in which everyone can buy or sell their Games. Even some developers does that in there. No surprise, when G2A is being visited by millions of users, every single day. But it’s quite tricky to get used to because of the nature of this platform. Just remember to look at the seller’s reputation and you should be fine. If someone do happen’ don’t hesitate to contact customer support and they will help to sort out the situation.

Kinguin PC Games

Kinguin – identical to G2A. Where you can also buy and sell PC or Console Games, or programs and earn some cash to spend elsewhere. Cool, ha? Kinguin is really comfortable place to buy Games for having bunch of payment options to choose from.


As you see, there are a LOT of authorised Games distribution places across the internet. Great for Cheap PC Games‘ hunters!